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A little bit about Origin

Each year we travel across continents, through different countries, meeting generations of farmers in search of incredible coffee. The story behind every cup is unique.  Blending science and senses, ritual and experimentation. Obsessing over every detail. Roasting lightly. Respecting the beans – and the individuals who savour speciality coffee.

Eye contact, handshakes and bumpy jeep rides through the mist. Good coffee depends on good relationships. Which means being on the ground.  Our approach to coffee sourcing is through direct trade, a philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee.

Powered by the perfect blend of passion, precision, curiosity and caffeine, the Origin Roastery is where knowledge

and instinct unite.

Resolute -  Espresso

Columbia, El Salvador & Peru

Flavour Profile - Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Stewed Plum

Farm information
Method Pulped Natural & Washed Producer Fernando Lima, Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza & Huabal Smallholders Region Guadalupe, Santa Ana & Huabal Varietal Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra & Colombia Elevation 1,700, 1,500 - 1,800 & 1,600 - 2,000 masl


Speciality Coffee - by Origin Coffee Roasters



Espresso Single or Double shot  2.40  Long Black, Americano  2.60
Macchiato, Piccolo, Cortado  2.60  Flat White  2.70  Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha  2.90  

Soya / Almond / Decaf 30p  Oat / 50p

Filter & Cold Brew

Batch Brew  2.80  Hand Poured Filter V60 or Chemex  3.40


Ice coffee

ice latte 3.40, ice black 3.00

Ice filter 3.20


With the exception of piccolo all drinks are made with two shots
( cold brew and Ice coffee available summer only )

Speciality Tea - by Tea Lab Company

tea lab logo.jpg

Tea Lab grew from our combined passions of tea, travel, the environment and design.

A bio-lab inspired, independent, British brand.

Explore the scientific, plant based benefits and how they can be balanced to create nutrient rich, healthy tea blends

with great taste experiences. Carefully sourced single origin, loose leaf teas and created blends with all

natural and organic ingredients.


brick lane - black tea / chai spice

Our healthy & versatile Brick Lane chai tea is small batch, hand blended with organic black tea, full of 

aroma and taste from whole seeds & spices.+ Rich in powerful antioxidants + Can help protect your heart health + Can help to relieve stress + Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory properties  + Ginger: well known for helping digestion

cloud nine - chamomile herbal tisane 

Sweet, floral & honeyed.  A calming brew to be enjoyed anytime of the day   Anti-inflammatory: great for skin  + Rich in powerful antioxidant  + Well known for relaxing effects   + Caffeine free: helps promote sleep  + Immune boost for colds and flu

golden hive - honey / black tea

Enjoy sweet notes of natural honey, black tea, a lovely subtle taste on its own or enhance with a sprinkle of sugar.

+ Rich in powerful antioxidants + A great energy booster + Can help to relieve stress + Pollen: loaded with proteins and vitamins + May enhance physical performance

lights out - ginger & lemon fruit infusion

The perfect caffeine free drink! Try with a teaspoon of agave syrup for a delicious, healthy hot brew.

+ Long history of use for anti nausea (ginger) + Anti-inflammatory / antioxidant properties + May assist with weight loss + Caffeine free - great evening tea + High levels of vitamin C + minerals

mint mountain - peppermint / green tea

Climb to a new height and refresh your senses with an amazing minty combination of healthy green tea + peppermint. + Rich in powerful antioxidants + May assist with weightloss + Promotes healthy gums and teeth

+ Can help protect your heart + Can help an upset stomach

rise & shine - lemongrass / green tea

Morning person? Wake up your senses with our lemongrass green tea, super healthy way to start your day.

+ May assist with weightloss + Promotes healthy gums and teeth  + Can improve brain function+ Can promote healthy skin + Good source of vitamin A + C

white sands - organic coconut / black tea

Our White Sands tea is a perfect combination of full-bodied black tea blended with organic coconut. Enjoy the velvety smooth taste and coconut aroma. + Rich in powerful antioxidants + A great energy booster + Can encourage a healthy immune system + Can promote healthy skin + Can help to relieve stress

rooibos - organic tea naturally caffeine free

Sweet, super healthy & South African. This caffeine free brew can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Delicious as a Rooibos latte. + Rich in powerful antioxidants + Can help diabetics + Can encourage a healthy immune system + Can promote healthy skin + Can help to relieve stress

citrus grey - lemon & orange / earl grey tea

Try our Citrus Grey, a new twist on Earl Grey, with pieces of whole orange + lemon to enhance a classic tea. + Keeps bones strong and healthy + A great energy booster + Can help protect heart health + Rich in powerful antioxidants

 + Can help to relieve stress

£2.90  ( pot of infusion for one )



& Other Drinks

chai latte 3.00 

dirty chai,  mocha 3.20

hot chocolate 3.20

matcha latte 3.20 

(Barebones Chocolate / Henny & Joe’s Chai / Tea Lab)


freshly squeezed orange  3.00  

freshly squeezed apple  3.0  

carrot, ginger, orange & lemon  3.50  

cucumber, kale, apple, pear & lime  3.50

Acqua Panna still water (25cl) 1.80 (75cl)  3.00   

San Pellegrino sparkling (25cl) 1.80 (75cl)  3.00  

Coca Cola / Diet Coke  2.00


Green Juice_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gimber  - a secret recipe of ginger, lemon & spices served with filtered hot water or 

for the summer with Ice, rosemary & mint 3.20


Charitea - ice tea

black tea with lemon 2.50

rooibos tea with a hint of passion fruit and elderberry 2.50

mate sparkling black tea with a hint of orange & lemon and a dose of Argentinian passion 2.50


Making Cocktails_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Wine & Cocktails


House Wine

Le Pianure Vino Bianco
soft, subtle, crispy white wine from Friuli Italy
Le Pianure Vino Rosso
juice on the palate, polished merlot/cabernet franc
from Friuli Italy
prices same as above 
Le Pianure Vino Rose'
fresh, vibrant and elegant 100% merlot from Friuli Italy

Terra Serena Prosecco DOC
Ripe green apples and pears on fine persistent bubble
Glass £7.00  Bottle £26.00
White Wine

Cantarutti Pinot Grigio (Italy)
the real deal. red apple, white peach with a touch of spice
on a rounded acidity.  bottle £25.00
Chateau Petit Rouble' Picpoul de Pinet (France)
crisp, refreshing mineral and pure. apple blossom
and citrus.  bottle £28.00
Blackenbrook Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
aromatic and herbaceous. passion fruit, melon
and gooseberry.  bottle £29.00

Red Wine


Sibiliana Sicilia DOC Nero D'Avola (italy)

juicy, fresh and spicy. cherry violet and hints of black pepper.  bottle £25.00

Berthier L'instant Pinot Noir (France)

elegant, soft and succulent. mulberry, wild strawberry

and fresh hay.  bottle £27.00

Carla Chiaro Malbec Reserve (Argentina)

deep, rich and powerful. blackberry, coffee and damson.  bottle £28.00

A selection of spirits / mixers & Cocktails are available